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About Us

Edwardian Renaissance

Featuring Retro Future Accessories for Men and Women. Inspired by a time of future past with Neo Victorian and Steampunk essence for a timeless treasure.


• Uniquely designed
We start by hand painting the enamel and then delicately inlaying the desired embellished piece within the enamel encapsulating it in a hard surfaced resin enamel with a high gloss finish. An intricate process that produces a sturdy and flawless look. 

All items are customizable and may be personalized, any designs seen in our shop can be recreated on other products. Color background preference on pieces are also accommodated. Have something in mind? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!

All our items are unique creations and made our San Francisco studio.

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We  create new designs everyday.   
Stop by again soon and check out my new additions!
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