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7 Day Pill Box Arrow Inlaid in Hand Painted Black Enamel with Gold Swirl Design Personalized and Color Options Available


  • $ 6800

These weekly pill boxes are classy and uniquely designed to keep your pills easily accessible. This decorative case are available in an array of colors. Inside are 8 different compartments to hold your meds of various shapes and sizes. The case closes with an air tight seal making it moisture proof, ensuring that your meds stay fresh.

About the design:
A solitary arrow represents defense and protection from harm. It can also be used as a symbol of movement, direction, force, and power. When an arrow is pointed to the left it means warding off evil, pointing to the right means protection and an arrow pointing down means peace.

Taking you back to a time of future past. Victorians loved to turn everyday objects into highly decorative accessories. Inspired by the accessories over the decades and still here for the "Victorians in the Twenty-First Century".

We specialize in hand painted enamel and inlaid pieces using a hard surfaced resin with a high gloss finish. An intricate process that produces a sturdy and flawless look. Customizable colors and personalized options are available for all items.


• Provides divided compartments with labeled lids.

• Conveniently organize pills by the days of the week, with an extra compartment.

• The inside lid includes a vanity mirror.

• High grade construction with chrome plated, tarnish resistant finish.

• An accessory that brings the perfect old world style wherever you go.

• Make it truly unique and extra special with personalization; inlaying brass letters within the enamel (see sample image above).

• Perfect for those shopping for that hard to please person in their life this makes a great gift!

• Uniquely designed - Art in your pocket.
Using the case as my canvas, I start by free-hand painting the enamel and cures in a hard surface with a smooth high gloss finish. An intricate process that produces a sturdy and flawless look.


Pill Box /Pill Case: 8 Day Pill Box with Mirror
-Arrow Embellishment– brass metal plated in antique sterling silver inlaid in hand painted enamel.
*Other color options available (choose from drop down menu).
Back of case- Comes unpainted with an option to upgrade to a painted back. A solid color that compliments/ matches the front.
*Color Choice is for the hand painted enamel background for the front.

*Personalized option available:
--using brass letters for initials inlaid in the enamel (see sample images above). Add a note during checkout which letters to use for order (will be placed on the back of the case).

SIZE: 3"high, .75" wide, 2.5" long
Product Number: ARRW1ag-PM8-BlackwGoldSwirl
Nicely packaged and ready for gifting.

Stylish and versatile accessory: The usefulness and unique design makes for an ideal gift or personal use.

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